The EzWebOrders System powers your very own full-featured Online Store to handle Pizza and Restaurant Food Orders automatically.

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The EzWebOrders Online Ordering System for restaurants is a web hosted solution which is easy-to-use and fully-automated. It runs your own online store. We build an interactive version of your restaurant menu online to showcase, market and sell your items on the internet. It's like having an easy-to-use restaurant Point of Sale System (POS) in your customers' living room, where they place their own orders!

Receive web-generated orders from your own site for less than $1.00 a day! This is an ideal way to get Pizza, Deli and Restaurant food orders neatly forwarded to businesses providing delivery and pick-up services.

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Savvy Pizza, Deli and Restaurant Operators know that by offering online ordering through their own sites, they set their business apart from the competition while boosting their brand recognition. With almost a million restaurants in the United States alone, marketing your restaurant brand is important.

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Realizing the value of providing customers with the ease and convenience of online ordering, many restaurant chain leaders invested heavily to launch and promote their own online ordering systems. They have since generated billions of dollars in delivery and take-out sales from the web. Many use these sites as important restaurant marketing centers to get their message out to their customer base.

faxOrders by Fax

All you need is a fax machine!

Orders arrive to you quickly and neatly printed via fax. As a managed web-hosted solution, there's no need for investing in any software or hardware. All system upgrades are free and automatic, allowing your online store to benefit from the use of emerging trends and technologies.

There are no commissions, no set-up fees and no maintenance requirements. Cancel at any time.

Customers can leisurely choose items from your restaurant's online menu. It's like providing your customers with a fun-to-use restaurant POS system at home or work, where the customers enter their own orders. The ordering system works in the background to process the details from your online store and sends the order to your fax.

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Your customers are presented with a quick, convenient and easy online ordering experience that will have them coming back again and again.

Give your customers the choice and the benefit of placing food delivery, catering or take-out orders online with your own web-to-fax ordering system.

More and more people:

Search Online Menus, Order Pizza Online, Order Food Online, Order Deli Delivery Online. Shouldn't you give them a place to find your menu items?

Many chains are already getting over 20% of their take-out and delivery orders online.

They are never placed on hold and there's no misunderstanding their order. They can repeat previous food orders with a few clicks. They find it easy, convenient and quick.

ORDERS COME TRHOUGH YOUR WEB SITE. Just provide a link to your online store. Don't have a web site yet? You don't need one! Your new online store doubles as a web site, it has all the information your customers need to know.

Cut down on order errors and wasted employee time. Your customers can order ahead to avoid lines. Re-orders are easy for them to place, leading to more of them being placed with you.

Why is EzWebOrders the Best Online Ordering System for my Business?

EzWebOrders was developed by restaurant industry veterans, understanding the need to keep costs down while providing a better customer experience. The EzWebOrders Online Ordering System provides the best solution for independents and smaller chains. With a minimal investment, you can quickly get a working online store that sensibly interacts with your customers 24x7.

  • Your online store patrons are immediately presented with an interactive representation of your menu. No directory, sign-up pages, or third-party sites are shown first. Your important business information is visible on every page.
  • Your independent restaurant or small chain's online store is reached directly from a search engine or through your existing web site -- If you don't have a web site, we can provide a unique domain name that takes visitors directly to your online menu -- at your new working web site!
  • Easy set-up! There's no need for a representative to visit you and take up your time. Send us a text copy of your menu, an image of your logo if available and we'll do the rest!
  • The system is backed by a support team for you and your customers.
  • Commissions can take a sizeable chunk out of your bottom line. You won't pay any commissions with your own EzWebOrders powered online store.
  • We know how busy your day is. We take care of system maintenance. Your interaction with the system is by choice, not necessity. The system provides powerful menu editing, reporting and email marketing tools to use when you wish to.
  • The system auto-builds a customer database, this can prove very useful for marketing purposes and to communicate important messages directly to your customers.
  • Your online store is optimized for search engines to help web users find your offerings via Google, Yahoo, MSN and all other major search engines.
  • Improve service and increase sales potential by offering online ordering. Provide a quick, convenient and easy way for your customers to find and order your items from practically anywhere.

Your menus are delivered electronically and reach people at home, at the office or on the go, with absolutely NO printing, mailing or extra distributing costs. Menus can be modified anytime without added cost.


Promote your restaurant and gain another revenue center by providing direct web-based ordering.

The EzWebOrders system makes it easy and affordable! It's like having your own private-label ordering system without investing in expensive software, equipment or development.

List and promote your menu items to anyone with internet access. An interactive online menu allows your customers to browse through you offerings at their leisure, typically producing delivery and take out sales that are 15% to 20% higher than when orders are phoned-in.

The easy-to-afford EzWebOrders Online Ordering System is packed with useful features for your business.

NO set-up fee!
NO long-term contracts.
NO commissions.
NO maintenance required.

There are several ways you can configure your web presence with the EzWebOrders System. Click on the graphic below to sample some live sites demonstrating these options.

Sample Live Online Stores Powered by the EzWebOrders Online Ordering System

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