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Questions and Answers

  • What is an Online Store?

    An Online Store is an electronic presentation on the web of your physical business. The major difference is that your visitors arrive through their screens remotely, rather than walking in through the front door. The major advantage is that your online store is an additional revenue center which never tires and has zero labor costs. Online Stores are used to sell the same items you already produce to off-site visitors that enjoy the convenience of online ordering. For more details see advantages.

  • Do I need special hardware or software?

    No computer or Point of Sale System is necessary on the business premises (A credit card processing terminal is required if you accept credit cards). A fax machine is required since the orders are transmitted via fax, where they can easily be read and processed. No web site is needed! Since main store pages usually display information such as business name, logo, address, hours, phone numbers, etc., you can use the online store as your basic web site. We include web hosting for the store.
    If desired, we can also provide you with your very own domain name which will link directly to your online store. There is a yearly registration fee charged for the domain name through the internet registrars along with a monthly hosting fee; however, we pay those fees for all EzWebOrders store owners!
    If you already have a web site, your webmaster can link it directly to your Online Store. If you need a web site or would like to update your existing one, we can do it for you.
    If we build both the regular site and the store, we can do it at a discount AND the store is 100% integrated with the site.

  • Why use a fax-based system?

    A fax-based system is easy to use and requires no additional equipment other than a plain-paper fax machine. Most businesses already have a fax, so there is no additional equipment to purchase. Complicated equipment usually comes with occasional maintenance issues that require a specialist's attention. Most fax machines issues can be solved immediately by any employee (out of paper, loose cable, off-hook, etc.). When it comes down to it, if it's broken just get a new one - they're inexpensive!
    Faxing is also a much more secure method for transmitting sensitive data than by unencrypted email over the internet. Unencrypted email systems should not be used to transmit credit card data as they can compromise your customer's personal account information.

  • Do I need an existing web site?

    No. The Online Store contains all the important information your customers need to see. Your domain can be easily set to directly bring visitors to your new online store. When visitors type in your web address, they will immediately reach your online store. Each online store is optimized for search engines to make finding you easier.

  • Do I have to learn a new system?

    Unlike many POS systems, the EzWebOrders system does not require you or your employees to learn anything new! We maintain the ordering system which powers your online store so it can display your interactive menu, process and forward orders to you via fax.
    Your online store comes with a Control Panel which can be used to perform many administrative functions such as modifying menu items, prices and certain other content. The System was designed for easy self-maintenance of your online store. By using the Control Panel, you can view sales reports, gain more insight into your online customer's habits, manage email lists and more.
    There is never a need to wait for someone else to do these tasks for you. They are easy and quick to perform. Your updates are immediate. If you prefer we perform updates and modifications on your store, our techs can do it for you. Call us for a low fixed-rate on your needs.

  • Why does my business need this?

    Each day, more and more people rely on the Internet for online shopping. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to tap into this growing medium. Online Ordering Systems are gaining popularity. Once the domain of the larger players, these systems are now available to anyone. Some companies have capitalized on the fact that smaller or less tech-savvy businesses by providing these services to them for a chunk of their sales.

  • What Makes EzWEbOrders Different from other Online Ordering Systems?

    EzWebOrders is an Online Ordering System that puts you in control!
    You get a fully-built Online Store customized for your business. You are the owner of this store, an virtual extension of your regular business location.
    We maintain and provide the service so that your store comes alive and is allows your customer to interact with it. Your store presents information that you choose to show to the world. It also enables your customers to place orders at their convenience, from work or home.
    The store is easy to self-maintain and modify as you please, when you please.
    Should you wish us to make modifications for you, of course we would be glad to do so at a nominal hourly rate.

  • How are my customers' privacy issues addressed?

    By hosting your online store under the EzWebOrders.com site, you are provided with use of an SSL environment. This allows information to be transmitted with 128 bit encryption to its destination.
    User privacy is important to us. All periodic security updates to the system are automatically applied to your online store also.
    Store owners are responsible for protecting their customers' privacy when they access it, as they would when customers visit their business or order by phone.
    In many ways, the system is safer than ordering by phone since there is usually less of a "paper" trail!

  • What happens when a fax order fails?

    The system attempts to send faxes three times. When a failed fax code is received by the system (no power, no paper, paper jam, etc.), a human operator will call you to advise you of the problem. If possible, they will resend the fax order to you.
    If an isolated problem exists and it is necessary to do so, they will read the order details to you by voice. 24/7 monitoring of your online store's functionality is included with all basic subscription packages.

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