We Take Care of it All!

Any Online Ordering System requires constant monitoring, and maintenance. It should also be updated from time to time to be able to take advantage of the latest technologies and security measures.

We do all of this for you.

During the Set-up process, we work closely with you to ensure your new System is running well.

We are constantly developing new features and capabilities for the system. Each time we introduce the next generation system, we automatically update all of our subscriber's sites for FREE!



faxGain Control

Orders sent directly to a POS system and kitchen printer can lead to lost revenue. Some customers can add "special requests" which may slip by uncharged when a system prints directly to the kitchen! With An EzWebOrders Systems, each order is reviewed before entering into a POS. This extra step is well worth it to ensure everything is charged accordingly. Many of our customers realized this revenue "leak" and switched to an EzWebOrders System!

Here's What Else You Get With Your Online Store Set-up

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Besides all of the included features, the custom set-up gives you:

  • A Custom-built Online Store Powered by the EzWebOrders Online Ordering System. We work with your webmaster to link and match sites.
  • A Custom-built database to house your content.
  • If needed, we will register a domain and set up the online store as YOUR main site at NO CHARGE.
  • Uploading your menu items and modifiers to your database.
  • A Custom Control Panel so you can easily add/modify/delete menu items on your site at anytime and much more.
  • Store testing and adjustments.
  • A dedicated specialist to help you get the most out of your new System.