Explore the benefits of having an EzWebOrders online store.

Your Online Store is an extra revenue center, working full-time. Improve service and increase sales potential by offering Online Ordering.

Your food menu is delivered electronically and reaches people in their living room, at the office or on the go. -Absolutely NO printing or mailing costs. List and promote your menu items to anyone with internet access. An interactive online menu allows your customers to browse through you offerings at their leisure, typically increasing the average delivery and take out sale by 15%-20%. Promote your restaurant and gain another revenue center by providing web-based ordering. The EzWebOrders system makes it easy and affordable!

benefitsPower your Site

With EzWebOrders, you control how your business is presented. Visitors don't have to search through a directory full of competitors to seek you out. As the internet becomes more crowded, it becomes more important to help your unique brand stand out. By having your own online store, you are able to better focus your online marketing efforts.

You can even initiate incentive programs through the system. Target specific groups of potential customers. Results from you marketing efforts are easy to track. Read some Marketing Tips.

Your site is powered up so it can work for you!
Visitors simply click on an "Order" button to place orders with you.

Free marketing tools are included to help your business grow.

The system automatically builds your customer database allowing you to better connect with your customers.

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Here are some ways the ordering system can benefit your business

  • Your menu is presented online dynamically and optimized for selling. Avoid printing and mailing costs. Reach people at home, on the go, or at the office. It works for you 24/7.
  • Increased sales and efficiency easily offset the low cost of the system.
  • Automate order placement. Save time. Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Promote your brand and business reputation with your own independent online store. By presenting your customers with a professional, custom online store (not a "pre-packaged" or "directory" style web page, your logo, your name, your message is out front and in their office or lving room. Put your brand first, not someone else's.
  • Reduce Labor Costs. Employees spend more time on in-house customers and less on the phone.
  • The average delivery and pick-up online order is about 18% higher than a phoned-in sale. By ordering at their leisure using your interactive menu, customers feel less pressured and tend to order more.
  • Customers are never frustrated by a busy phone signal or from being placed "on hold".
  • Reduce Customer Wait Times.As soon as the fax rings, you get the whole order, neatly printed.
  • The system optimizes your online store for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and others. This helps people find your menu items..
  • Saves you the expense and headaches withoutrelated to additional hardware or software installations and maintenance. No computer or Point of Sale System needed! Orders go to your fax machine.
  • Free Support. The system is so easy, you'll probably never need it, but in case you do we are there to help 365 days a year.
  • Low Cost. Operate your own online store for less than $1.00 a day.
  • Save on ownership costs. No commissions or extra licensing fees.
  • No long-term contracts. Cancel at any time.
  • Customers reach your online store directly through a search engine such as Google, or through your web site and are presented with content you control. You are NOT presented in a directory alongside your competition.
  • Get a greater return on your marketing dollars. The system returns sales results you can track.
  • A hosted online store with an encrypted connection allows your customers to order online with more confidence.
  • The system provides a self-building customer database along with email marketing tools to help grow your business and build customer loyalty. Increase return business. Get your message into homes and offices at the click of a button!
  • Send targeted messages at no cost with the email marketing tools. Reduce your advertising and printing costs.
  • A hosted maintanance-free framework is provided so you can manage your online store as you like. Quickly update items, descriptions, prices and messages. No need to pay or wait for someone else to do it for you.
  • The price update tools let you update your menu in a flash! Example: select all items, choose to raise 5% (or raise by $1.00) and your whole menu is modified with one click!
  • REDUCE order ERRORS and WASTE. Customers enter their own orders, lowering mistakes.
  • A standard Privacy Policy is provided so your customers can shop with more confidence.
  • Standard Terms of Use are there to help protect your users and your business.
  • Technical issues, troubleshooting and support issues are covered by EzWebOrders. Your online store visitors enjoy support for using your online store without requiring any of your time.
  • Use the system reports to help with menu planning.
  • The system provides you with easy ways to build in-house customer loyalty programs.
  • Its easy to provide personalized sales incentives. You have full control over how and when you want to deploy them. Configure eCoupons on your store to bring in new or repeat business. You set all the paramaters (how many uses, percentage or dollar off, expiration, etc.).

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