Providing local restaurants with an easy-to-use online ordering system.

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Your local restaurant has chosen to provide you with a friendlier way to order online.

The EzWebOrders System enables the merchant to offer a full-featured ordering system that not only provides a unique and personal experience but also brings high-level security, monitoring, technical support and standardized policies to help protect your privacy and personal information.

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The EzWebOrders System is an Online Ordering Solution used by local merchants and regional chains.
It allows customers to initiate online orders through the restaurant's site.

EzWebOrders powers an online store for the restaurant that allows you to place orders and keep up to date on the restaurant's menu items and promotions.

Each customized online store is managed by the restaurant itself. We take care of all the technical stuff for the merchant.

Most regional chains and independent restaurant owners cannot afford to have their own private full-featured online ordering system; much less have the time or resources to monitor, maintain, update and keep up with fast-changing technical, privacy and security issues. Most are either forced to implement a basic ordering mechanism which may lack many important features and improperly address secutiry and privacy issues, or they may choose to be listed on a third party site along with other competitors vyeing for your business. We fill the gap by powering an online store linked to the restaurant's web site so important features are enabled while the restaurant management can still customize and manage it with their personal style and stay more in directly touch with their customer base. Since they do not pay sales commissions with the EzWebOrders sytesm, they are likely to pass savings to customers with exclusive deals.

For answers to common questions posed by users, please see the FAQs page.


Order Food Online Directly From Your Favorite Eatery

Order Pizza Online

With a custom EzWebOrders online store, your favorite restaurant brings you:

  • An easy-to-use, secured online ordering environment.
  • An interactive menu which is updated directly by the restaurant.
  • A system that allows you to deal directly with your favorite merchant.
  • Save and quickly resubmit past orders.
  • Place orders online without ever getting a "busy" phone signal.
  • Place orders at your leisure without ever feeling rushed.
  • A full-featured ordering system that is continually monitored for service stability and security by our technical staff.
  • A easy way to "stay in touch" with your local restaurant.
  • Consistent guidelines and policies to help protect your data and privacy.

EzWebOrders Online Ordering System - Easy-to-use • Convenient for all

The Easy Way to Order Food From Your Local Restaurant.