Advantages of Powering Your Online Store with EzWebOrders

The EzWebOrders system provides a managed environment so merchants can easily control an interactive menu and online store that can generate sales over the internet. Coupled with some of the lowest operating costs and little or no maintenance requirements, this is definitely the system for any organization to have, big or small. By putting you in direct control of the content that is presented to you potential clients, you can project the message you deem best.

The interactive menu makes it easy for visitors to place orders. They can easily repeat saved orders with a few clicks. The process is easy, quick and even entertaining for most. You can modify incentives (coupons, special deals, etc.), loyalty programs, pricing and menu items in minutes, anytime you like just by logging into your admin panel. Your customers can always get fresh up-to-date content provided directly by you.

advantagesAdded Value

Your Business. Your Online System.

You should have full control over the content that is presented to your visitors. You know the message you want to get across to your customers, you should be able to say it. You should be able to update your menus and prices whenever you like. That's the he way it should be. With an EzwebOrders Online Store, that's the way it is.

    Included Extras:
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Marketing Tools
  • Generate eCoupons

Advantages Of Owning Your Own EzWebOrders Online Store

  • The system has a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), providing the best value for a user-friendly, full featured online ordering system.
  • You are free to change your credit card processor at any time without requitring any changes whatsoever to your online ordering system.
    You are not held hostage by any processor.
  • With most other systems, the provider handles your money. With EzWebOrders, whether it is cash or charge, you handl payments directly. No need to wait for your money.
  • The system works independently of your POS system. It keeps working even if your POS system is out.
  • A secured internet environment is provided so your customers can order online with confidence.
  • Your web store is reached directly from your web site. Your customers are presented with content you control.
  • Modify items, prices, etc. on the fly --from virtually anywhere in the world!
  • Post important messages to your users on your main page in seconds!
  • Generate sales reports anytime you wish.
  • You have access to the customer database which the system automatically builds and manages for you!
  • You can easily send an email to one or all of your online customers to let them know about special events and news.
  • No commissions to pay. Ever!
  • No restrictions from using any other services or methods at your disposal to market YOUR business.
Your Business. Your Online System.