Marketing tips for your online store.

Restaurant marketing can be tricky. With an EzWebOrders online store and the integrated marketing tools, you get a few ways to spread your message for FREE.

It is often difficult to measure the results of your marketing efforts. With the EzWebOrders System, you can easily generate specific eCoupon codes. These can help track the results of your marketing campaign so you can make precision adjustments targeted to your local audience.

Properly composed and targeted emails are another method you can use to stimulate more business. Online marketing has become a standard. Read on below for more details.

marketingMarket your restaurant

Once you have an online store set up and running, you are able to receive orders directly over the web. In most cases, that does not mean you will be instantly flooded with new orders.

Now that you have an independent online store, you want as many visits as possible. Once a visitor to your online store becomes a satisfied customer, they usually remain a loyal one. Each new visitor acquired increases the chance of growing your pool of loyal customers. This process is similar to the way you cultivate in-house customers. In time, you should have a following of loyal customers that enjoy placing their orders with you online.

All new EzWebOrders online stores come with basic search engine optimization, a form of online marketing which helps promote your site to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Some Tips on Marketing your Online Store

  • Be sure to let all your current customers know they can order online directly through your online store. Placing this on all your printed material (business cards, take-out menus, signage, etc.) will help drive traffic to your site and will help keep clients loyal to you.
  • Re-direct customers to your online store. When a customer calls in an order and you must place them on hold, let them know they can choose to place their order on your site. There's never a wait, and you won't lose the customer to your competition.
  • Use the included ONLINE COUPONS MODULE. Offer a one-time incentive to introduce new web visitors to your online store. A 10% or 20% off the first order is a nice way to entice people to order from you.
  • Offer time-based promotions. These can help during periods of slower sales, or to introduce new items.
  • Use the message header on the front page to let your customers know about special promotions, events or news.
  • With a just one click, you can send ALL (or some) of your online customers a special announcement or promotional email. Sometimes a simple "Thank You" email from you reminds your users that you care about them so they are more likely to come back again and again.
  • As more customers use your online store, your database grows. This important tool includes your customers' email addresses and other information. It also provides you with an interface to easily send out notices to them. Proper usage of the database can help generate more sales - without spending a dime on outside marketing. Here are some examples of what you can do:
    • Use the reports module to generate a report to see who your most loyal customers are, or which of them spend the most. Use the email feature to quickly send them a special "thank you" to show their loyalty is appreciated.
    • Use the email feature to send all your customers a personalized "happy holiday" or "special occasion" message with just one click!
    • send out an email campaign announcing company news, an event or a special promotion.
    • Use the email module to send out invitations to special events at your restaurant to all your customers
    • When using the email tools to market online, remember to respect your users privacy rights, be sure to read the guidelines concerning emails.
  • Search for and subscribe to web directories, blogs, or listings that carry information about your business. If you don't have a web site, be sure they list the url for your online store in the information they display. This allows visitors to view your real-time menu, prices and other content you have control over. Visitors arrive directly to your interactive menu so they are more likely to place an order. If you have a web site, you may choose to point them there. Either way, the more internet traffic you help drive to your online store, the better the odds to increase sales.