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EzWebOrders is a full-featured online ordering system powering your favorite restaurant's online store. To find out more please visit our Home Page and the FAQs Section.

Please let us know if you've come across any technical issues with a particular online store powered by the EzWebOrders System. Your feedback is important and is used to continually improve your online ordering experience.

As most restaurants managers are busy running the day-to-day operation, many issues are first reported by users before the restaurant is made aware of them. We'll contact the business and attempt to resolve any issues promptly. Thank you for helping to improve the online ordering experience. To contact us directly where a reply is required, please use the Contact Form.


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 Each Online Store is Unique

Since each online store is customized for, and can be managed directly by the restaurant; we may not be aware of certain issues particular to that online store until it is reported to us by the restaurant, or more likely a customer.

Please use the form to the left to report any issues you may find on an online store powered by the EzWebOrders system.
We will address any reported issues promptly and take appropriate steps to rectify.

Please DO NOT use this form to report any issues with a particular order to us unless it is related to a technical issue. Any issues with particular items or performance should be addressed directly with the merchant.

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