FAQS for EzWebOrders Users

Do I need to Sign Up to use the system?

The ordering system is customized for each restaurant's requirements, it is up to the restaurant's management whether or not they require you to sign up to use the system.
However, unless you create an account; you will not be able to use some benefits such as being able to recall previous orders and storing your delivery addresses. Signing up is quick and easy.

An online store shows a wrong price for an item or needs some updating. Whom do I inform?

Your input is appreciated. Please do not hesitate to use the Report Issue page to inform us about any issues with a particular online store. It may take some time for a busy restaurant to be able to notify us about menu changes or issues. If an issue is reported, we will work quickly with the restaurant to take care of it.

How long will it take me to learn the System?

Use of the Online Ordering System is intuitive and easy to master. We strive to provide you with a very user-friendly format.

Is my Information Secure?

EzWebOrders uses high-encryption SSL certificates and other means for the transfer of information. Our user's privacy is also important to us. Your information is never shared with anyone else but the restaurant management. As part of our regular maintenance schedule, all EzWebOrders Online Stores are periodically updated for added security, integrity and system stability. EzWebOrders maintains PCI compliance.

Can I have my favorite restaurant get their own Online Store?

Let your favorite restaurant know that you would enjoy the convenience of Online Ordering and that you know of a very cost-effective system that enables them to be able to provide this service easily and affordably. Just send us basic contact information for the business you are interested in dealing with online and we will gladly send them information on how they can become an Online Merchant. Click here to go to the contact form.

What Makes EzWebOrders Different from other Online Ordering Systems?

The system is licensed to the restaurant owner who manages the content on their online store. You are probably familiar with their products and business practices. They are not some enterprise in the shadow of the web, but a real local business using the internet to better serve you.

Merchants are easy to reach in case there is ever an issue requiring their attention.

Why is my favorite Online Store no longer available?

A recent change in management or policy is almost always the cause for an online store being taken offline. Let the new management know how much you appreciated the convenience of the EzWebOrders Online Ordering System and maybe they'll choose to bring back the online store!

Order Food Online Directly From Your Favorite Eatery

Order Pizza Online

With a custom EzWebOrders online store, your favorite restaurant brings you:

  • An easy-to-use, secured online ordering environment.
  • An interactive menu which is updated directly by the restaurant.
  • A system that allows you to deal directly with your favorite merchant.
  • Save and quickly resubmit past orders.
  • Place orders online without ever getting a "busy" phone signal.
  • Place orders at your leisure without ever feeling rushed.
  • A full-featured ordering system that is continually monitored for service stability and security by our technical staff.
  • A easy way to "stay in touch" with your local restaurant.
  • Consistent guidelines and policies to help protect your data and privacy.

EzWebOrders Online Ordering System - Easy-to-use • Convenient for all

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