Pricing - Compare Costs to Commission-based Systems

Skip commissions! You can now take online orders through your web site. Orders are sent directly to you via fax.

As you can easily tell by looking at the graph below, savings with the EzWebOrders System are huge when compared to most commission-based pricing structures.

More Control  • Lower Cost.

With your own Ez Web Orders System, you control your content and save $$ over commission-based online ordering services.

Many of our merchants continue to use other providers while building new loyal customers who feel more comfortable ordering directly from their web site. After some time and first-hand experience, most of these merchants use their EzWebOrders Solution exclusively.

Add Control. Lighten the Expense.

Pricing Compare Yearly Operating Costs What You Get

savings chart

Assumptions Used in Chart: 5 orders per day, 360 days a year at $20.00 average per sale. "Provider A" charges 10% per sales transaction, "Provider B" charges 15% per sales transaction.

As you can easily pays to be able to process your own Online Orders with an EzWebOrders System! Calculate YOUR Savings Now. Get your own automated online ordering system for a fraction of the cost of commission-based systems...and get so much more.