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Cheese, Sausage or Pepperoni

Cheese Pizza Slice Add Sausage or Pepperoni $3.50
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Originating in Naples, calzone is a crisp baked Italian turnover with hand rolled edges stuffed with your choice of ingredient, mozzarella cheese and Rosatis own pizza sauce

Baked Calzone Choose up to 4 Pizza Toppings as fillings $6.99
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Jumbo Wings Fried or Baked with Choice of Sauce. Bump up to 12 or 24 piece orders. $6.99
Boneless Wings 6pcs. Fried or Baked with Choice of Sauce. Also available in 12 and 24-piece order size. $6.00
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Rosatis Antipasto Salad Romaine & iceberg lettuce, spinach leaves, green pepper, red onion, black & green olives, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, grape tomato, Mozzarella cheese & shaved Asiago cheese served with our signature sweet Italian dressing $8.99
Caesar Salad Roman lettuce, shredded parmesan and croutons with Caesar Dressing $6.00
Chopped Salad Finely chopped Romaine & iceberg lettuce, spinach leaves, grilled chicken, red pepper, red onion, lack olives, bacon, grape tomatoes and bleu cheese crumbles served with our signature sweet Italian dressing $8.99
Greek Salad Lettuce mix, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, green pepper, olives and feta cheese $8.99
Harvest Salad Romaine and iceberg lettuce, spinach leaves, sliced fresh pear, craisins, candied walnuts and bleu cheese crumbles with apple cider vinaigrette dressing. $8.99
Side Salad Romaine & iceberg lettuce, spinach leaves, grape tomato, red onion & shaved Asiago cheese served with choice of dressing $3.00
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French Fries $2.25
Mozzarella Sticks Served with a side of Marinara $4.99
Breaded Mushrooms Served with a side of Ranch Dressing $5.00
Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers Filled with cheddar cheese & served with a side of ranch $5.99
Fried Pickles Filled with a side of ranch $5.99
Cheesy Garlic Bread Served with a side of marinara $3.25
Toasted Ravioli Served with a side of Marinara $5.75
Bruschetta $6.99
Dough Nuggets Bite-sized pieces of cripsy pizza dough, tossed in garlic butter sauce. Served with a side of Marinara $5.99
Chicken Tenders 5 pcs served with your choice of dipping sauce $6.99
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Hot sandwiches made fresh and served with a side salad

Italian Beef Sliced thin and piled high on Italian bread. $8.49
The Cheef Our delicious Italian beef on Italian bread under a generous portion of mozzarella. $9.49
Italian Sausage $8.49
Combo With Italian Beef & Sausage $9.49
Meatball Parmigiana Rosatis own Meatballs covered in Marinara with Mozzarella on Garlic Bread $9.49
Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich Breaded with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese on top. $9.49
Grilled Chicken Chicken Breast with Mozzarella cheese on top. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo. $9.49
Buffalo Chicken A crispy chicken breast tossed in buffalo sauce. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and a side of ranch or blue cheese $9.49
Gyros Sandwich Sliced Gyro meat topped with onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce on a pita. $7.49
1/2 lb. Hamburger With lettuce, tomato and onion. $7.49
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Served with Fries and Cole Slaw

Rib Dinner Full slab of ribs $21.99
Chicken Dinner 4 pieces of fried chicken $8.00
Shrimp Dinner 1 lb. of shrimp served with cocktail sauce, cole slaw and French fries $17.00
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All Pastas are served with a side of garlic bread & Romano cheese

Build Your Own Pasta Choose a Pasta, a Sauce and an Addition $10.95
Three Cheese Baked Penne A hearty pasta dish smothered in our homemade marinara sauce then baked with ricotta, mozzarella and Asiago cheeses $10.95
Spaghetti with Meatballs Traditional spaghetti with marinara sauce served with homemade meatballs from the family recipe, topped with shaved Asiago cheese & fresh parsley $10.95
Penne Pomodoro and Gourmet Italian Sausage Gourmet Italian sausage, classic penne noodles, extra virgin olive oil and juicy pomodoro tomatoes topped with shaved Asiago cheese $10.95
Penne and Grilled Chicken a la Vodka Penne pasta simmered in a creamy vodka sauce topped with our tender grilled chicken breast and shaved Asiago cheese $10.95
Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken Fettuccine noodles & tender grilled chicken tossed in a rich, creamy Alfredo sauce made with Asiago & Romano cheeses with a hint of garlic & fresh parsley $11.50
Homemade Baked Lasagna $10.99
Chicken Parmigiana Breaded chicken breast baked with marinara sauce, topped with baked Mozzarella cheese, shaved Asiago cheese & fresh parsley. Served with Spaghetti. $9.50
Four Cheese Ravioli Ravioli stuffed with ricotta, Parmesan, Asiago and Romano cheeses served with parsley, marinara and topped with shaved Asiago cheese $9.95
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Two Cannolis Crisp Sicilian pastry shells filled with sweetened ricotta and chocolate chips, dipped into pistachios and covered with powdered sugar. $5.99
Zeppole Bite-sized pieces of crispy dough tossed in powdered sugar & paired with rich Nutella hazelnut spread $6.99
Turtle Cookie Dough Fudge Brownie A fudge brownie layered with caramel, pecans, chocolate chip cookie dough & chocolate ganache, topped with pecans and caramel drizzle. (Cookie dough does not contain raw egg) $5.99
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Can of Pop Choose from a wide variety $0.90
20 oz. Pop $1.60
6-Pack $4.75
1-Liter $2.10
2-Liter $2.99
Bottled Water $1.50