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ZUCCHINE FRITTE Fried zucchini. $12.50 Add
ROLLATINE DI MELANZANE CON CAPRINO Rollatine of eggplant with goat cheese $13.75 Add
PORTOBELLO ALLA GRIGLIA grilled portobello mushrooms over mesclun greens $14.75 Add
FUNGHI RIPIENI Mushrooms filled with spinach, walnuts and melted Fontina cheese $14.75 Add
MOZZARELLA CON POMODORO Mozzarella with tomatoes $13.75 Add
MOZZARELLA CON PEPERONI ARROSITI Mozzarella with roasted peppers $13.75 Add
CARPACCIO Thinly sliced raw beef with rucola and shaving of parmesan cheese $16.50 Add
CARCIOFINI ALLA GIUDEA Pan Fried Baby Artichokes Sauteed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Garlic. $18.50 Add
MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA CON POMORO E PEPERONI ARROSTITI Buffalo Mozzarella with Fresh Tomatoes and Roasted Peppers. $17.50 Add
COZZE ALLA MARINARA Mussels served in marinara sauce $15.25 Add
VONGOLE AL FORNO Baked clams $14.75 Add
CALAMARI ALLA GRIGLIA Grilled calamari over mesclun greens $15.75 Add
GAMBERI ALL'AGLIO E OLIO Shrimp sauteed in oil, garlic and parsley  $15.75 Add
CALAMARI FRITTI Crispy Calamari served with lemon and spicy marinara sauce  $18.50 Add
INSALATA DI MARE Seafood salad marinated with oil and lemon $18.50 Add
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INSALATA DI CESARE Caesar salad $12.75 Add
INSALATA TRICOLORE Salad of rucola,endive and radicchio $12.50 Add
INSALATA ROMANA CON BARBABIETOLE Hearts of romaine lettuce with beets, Gorgonzola cheese, red onion, walnuts, Italian dressing $14.75 Add
INSALATA MISTA DI CAMPO House salad with a mixture of organic greens and balsamic vinaigrette $10.75 Add
INSALATA DI CAMPO CON PARMIGIANO Mixture of organic greens with slivers of parmesan cheese $13.75 Add
INSALATA DI FAGIOLINI E PATATE String beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and red onions $13.75 Add
INSALATA DI RUCOLA Rucola salad with hearts of palm, roasted peppers, red onions, and parmesan cheese $14.75 Add
INSALATA DI ASPARAGI Asparagus with Walnuts, Cherry Tomatoes and Red Onions in E.V. Olive Oil and Lemon. $15.75 Add
INSALATA BIANCA Endive, mushrooms, artichokes,hearts of palm, shaved parmesan,in extra virgin olive oil and lemon $14.75 Add
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MINESTRONE Vegetable soup $10.75 Add
PASTA E FAGIOLI Bean soup with ditalini pasta $10.75 Add
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GNOCCHI AI FUNGHI Homemade gnocchi with mixed wild mushrooms $23.75 Add
ROTOLO DI PASTA rolled homemade pasta filled with spinach, ricotta and mozzarella in a light tomato sauce. $23.50 Add
RIGATONI CIPULLO rigatoni in a light cream sauce with blended sweet sausage, prosciutto, onions and a touch of cinnamon. $23.75 Add
LINGUINE AL PESTO linguine with pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts. $23.50 Add
FARFALLE AL PROSCIUTTO Farfalle with Parma ham, garlic, butter, peas, arugula, tomatoes and slivers or parmesan cheese  $23.50 Add
LASAGNE ALLA BOLOGNESE Homemade lasagna with meat sauce $23.75 Add
LIGUINE ALLE VONGOLE Linguine with white clam sauce $24.75 Add
ORECCHIETTE CON SALSICCIA e BROCCOLI DI RAPE Orecchiette with Italian sausage, broccoli di rape, garlic and oil  $24.50 Add
PAPPARDELLE ALL'OLIO DI TARTUFO BIANCO Pappardelle with white truffle oil, mushrooms, and goat cheese $24.75 Add
PENNE ALLA VODKA Penne with vodka,  peas, prosciutto, cream and tomato sauce. $23.50 Add
RAVIOLI DI SPINACI AL BURRO E SALVIA Homemade spinach ravioli with butter and sage $21.75 Add
RAVIOLI DI SPINACI CON POMODORO E BASILICO Homemade spinach ravioli with tomato and basil sauce $21.75 Add
SPAGHETTINI AL POMODORO E BASILICO Thin spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce $20.75 Add
SPAGHETTINI CON POLPETTINE Spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce $22.75 Add
TAGLIATELLE ALLA BOLOGNESE Homemade fettuccine with meat sauce $23.50 Add
TAGLIOLINI CON GAMBERI E CARCIOFI Homade linguine with shrimp, artichoke heart, tomato sauce and a touch of cream $24.50 Add
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POLLO AL CARCIOFI E PINOLI breast of chicken, saut $26.50 Add
PETTO DI POLLO ALLA BOLOGNESE Breast of chicken sauteed with prosciutto and parmesan cheese $26.50 Add
PAILLARD DI POLLO ALLA GRIGLIA CON SPINACI Paillard of grilled chicken on a bed of spinach $24.75 Add
POLLO ALLA CONTADINA Breast of chicken, Italian sausage, and mushrooms in white wine sauce $26.50 Add
SCALOPPINE DI VITELLO ALLA LOMBARDA CON FAGIOLINI Veal scaloppini sauteed in white wine sauce with string beans $29.50 Add
SCALOPPINE DI VITELLO ALLA MARSALA Veal scaloppine sauteed in marsala wine and mushrooms $29.50 Add
VITELLO ALLA CAPRICCIOSA Breaded veal scaloppini lightly sauteed, topped with chopped rucola $29.50 Add
TAGLIATA DI MANZO CON RUCOLA Grilled sirloin steak, sliced and served with rucola salad $38.50 Add
COSTOLETTE DI AGNELLO grilled baby lamb chops in a port wine sauce or garlic and rosemary. $42.00 Add
BRANZINO ALLA TRIESTINA Filet sea bass with white wine, lemon sauce, cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs $29.75 Add
GAMBERONI FRADIAVOLO jumbo shrimp sauteed in a light spicy marinara sauce. $29.50 Add
SALMONE ALLE ERBE Baked salmon with herbs $29.75 Add
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SPINACH Sauteed with garlic & olive oil $10.75 Add
STRING BEANS Sauteed with garlic & olive oil $10.75 Add
ROSTED POTATOES Baked crispy herbed potatoes $10.50 Add
BROCCOLI RABE Broccoli wrap $11.75 Add
BROCCOLI Broccoli $10.25 Add
MIX VEGETABLES Mix vegetables $10.75 Add
ADD GRILLED CHICKEN ON TOP Add Grilled Chicken on Top $8.50 Add
EXTRA SHRIMPS Baked salmon with herbs $9.50 Add
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TIRAMISU Ladyfingers soaked in espresso and brandy with mascarpone cheese $9.50 Add
TORTA DI RICOTTA FATTA IN CASA Homemade Italian ricotta cheesecake $9.50 Add
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Coke Can 12oz. $2.00 Add
Diet Coke Can 12oz. $2.00 Add
Sprite Can 12oz. $2.00 Add
Ginger Ale Can 12oz. $2.00 Add